• Are looking to create more balance in your life?
  • Are you looking to fully engage in the presence of your life, instead of the “doing”?
  • Do you want to explore your life’s purpose and vision and integrate it fully into your magnificent lifestyle?
  • Are you ready to give yourself an edge in your career and in your life?
  • Are you ready to focus on actions that align to who you are becoming?
  • Are you ready to strengthen your personal foundation, raise your standards and eliminate things in your life that are serving you and set boundaries?
  • Are you ready to call your own shots?



Finding your passion…

I worked as a Registered Dental Hygienist for 11 years before I quit to become a stay at home mom and entrepreneur.  I leveraged the skills I learned in dental sales and my home-business to create a full-time income from home.

I teach professionals and entrepreneurs, just like you, how to take calculated shots in your life and/or career . If you are struggling with personal growth, I help you go from mediocre to having a millionaire millennial mindset. As a Business Consultant, I work with entrepreneurs – providing professional insight, strategy, and services, enabling founders across the globe to scale their respective businesses.
Either way, I am here to help you become a baller and shot caller!




7 Day Life Detox Challenge







After consistently seeing Tequila show up on social media, I decided to work with her to help grow my online presence. Can I say that I overlooked MAJOR coin in my business for years but it took working with Tequila for me to identify those areas that I was leaving money on the table. She is definitely unforgettable!”
— D. Clark, CEO of Live Out Loud Enterprise



“Best Decision I Made!”
Considering I had never owned a business but have been dreaming of it for over 10 years,working with Tequila was the BEST chose I had made. She gave me strategies to transition my brick and mortar business to an online business and quickly gained more customers. I was able to buy that new Lexus that I had always wanted! Thank you Tequila!”
~ Y. Adams, CEO, Best Days Senior Living

“Best Decision I Made!”