I know why you are here. Maybe you are stuck doing the same old school marketing tactics you learned from your upline that aren’t getting you results? Maybe you are going through a shift in your life and now you are confused as to what you should do next? Maybe you are stay at home mom who is looking to build a business on the side? Well, whatever you are looking for when it come to personal or business development, you have found a kick ass coach to partner with!

“An amazing experience!”
Prior to receiving coaching with Tequila, I knew what audience I served I just needed help monetizing them. After coaching with Tequila, I scheduled 4 clarity calls  and I got 3 PAID clients!
Oh and I’ve got another lady in my inbox asking for help….this is all because YOU told me that I could help people that were in my niche!
~ K. Howard, Leadership and Empowerment Consultant, Loving Me Empowerment, LLC

“An amazing experience!”

After consistently seeing Tequila show up on social media, I decided to work with her to help grow my online presence. Can I say that I overlooked MAJOR coin in my business for years but it took working with Tequila for me to identify those areas that I was leaving money on the table. She is definitely unforgettable!”
— D. Clark, CEO of Live Out Loud Enterprise