3 Tips For Introvert Marketers

If you’re an introvert entrepreneur, chances are, you’re finding a hard time marketing yourself online?

Video marketing isn’t for everyone but marketing your business online is crucial if you want more leads, sales and sign-ups for your home-business.  

Being an introvert is not a disadvantage, it means we need to do things differently to share our message.

Here are three attraction marketing tips that I use to get leads, sales and sign-ups even as an introvert.

Social Media Post

Even Though there is a billions of people online, the only thing between you and people is a screen. You can start interacting with people.

  1. You can create a lead capture page or opt-in page, giving something of value away to your intended audience ,in exchange for their name and email address. From this marketing tip alone, I generate 2-5 leads online daily.
  2. You can create a curiosity post that will engage, excite and educate your audience. It can be based off these 5 areas:
    1. Your experience: Have you experienced incredible results using your product or service? Why not share it!
    2. Income: Did you make more in your home-business this year than when you first started? Share it!
    3. Third-Party testimonials: Did someone in your home-business receive an award, trip, or income and you want to share it? Share it!
    4. Comparison post: Did you or someone you know lost 25 pounds in 90 days? Share a before and after picture.
    5. Leadership Story or Transformational story: Did someone in your home-business just hit the top rank in the company? Share it!

The goal is to meet them at their needs.  

Email Marketing

Everything is through text-based marketing. If you learn something new, why not share it with your list! I do this all the time. I learn things and inform my followers. I always include a link to my products or website so that they can get more information. I must admit, when it comes to calling prospects I feel really nervous. I know you are familiar with this? This was the one thing I felt was holding me back from growing in my business.  But what I have found is that just by writing what I call “a letter” to those on my list, I’ve made connections and sales! Heck, I know a lady who hasn’t spoke with anyone over the phone in the last 10 years and consistently makes over $100,000 in sales per year, just by writing letter or email marketing.

A letter doesn’t have to be written everyday but you do want to connect with your list on a weekly basis. They want to know that you care and that you’re not just someone who writes when you need to make a sale.

Below you will find some great ideas to use when emailing your list.

Great Ideas For Email Marketing:

  1. Your blog post
  2. A success story
  3. Sharing something that you may have learned on a webinar
  4. Product announcements
  5. Tips, tricks or shortcuts that you can teach your audience


Blogging is an amazing way to let your voice be heard and show your character.  Those who resonate with you will look forward to reading your blogs each and every time you post them. Blogging is also a way to show your unique gift or quirky ways. Your blog site is your home, so design it the way you feel fits. By adding a podcast to your blog, it adds another way for your audience to hear from you.

2 Blogging Tips:  

  • Create a piece of content everyday . Share 1-3 tips that you have learned and have a prospecting number goal (3 people or leads per day).
  • Know your audience needs by asking yourself “what problems are my target marketing facing?” So that your post will provide solutions to their problem.

Blog post ideas:

  • Online marketing success tips
  • Leadership skill building tips
  • Business development tips
  • Passive income tips
  • How to start a work at home business
  • Investing wisely

These 3 attraction marketing tips will help people get to know, like and trust you and eventually would want to buy from you. YOU want to create persuasion in what it is that you do and how it can help your intended audience.  I know how hard it can be to put yourself out there but if you can put yourself out there in one of three ways, then you are on a great start to branding yourself.

For a more detailed plan, check out the Shot Caller Business Plan Blueprint in our products section.

If you found value with these 3 tips please comment below and share on Social Media! 

If you need personalized personal branding or marketing consulting, email me at tequilacousar@gmail.com

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