How To Make Black Friday A Green Friday For Your Business

Your first 24 hours will be spent on preparation:

Step 1: If you don’t already have them, Take some amazing pictures of your product. This can be done with nothing but your smartphone and sunlight. Legit take your product outside and lay it in the grass if you need to. Add cute little props.  Whatever comes to mind. Just make sure you Take at least 100 pictures with varying backgrounds. Don’t overthink it. If you need to, search YouTube for “product shots with a cellphone” for help.

Step 2: Next we are going to make sure your Instagram is ready. Your 9 most recent pictures need to be of nothing but your product. If you can, show 9 variations or examples of your product. 
If your product only has one option, then show the same product 9 with different backgrounds and angles 

Step 3: Put the link in the description on where to purchase your product. If you are selling a specific product then link that exact page on your website. Not the homepage. If you don’t have a website, then link your Etsy page. If you don’t have Etsy then add “DM for purchase information” just make sure people have a clear way to contact you for purchase. 

Step 4: Create a list of  5-10 different types of people that would be interested in your product. Makes sure some of them are super unique. As an example let’s say you sell unique candles that look and smell great. Think about who is interested in candles?
A few people that come to mind are:
Moms that want their house to smell good, massage therapist that want to set the mood for clients, interior designers creating a cozy environment Real estate professionals doing open houses, modern day witches, brujas and spiritualist that use them for rituals and prayer
The list can go on.  come up with at least 5 but try to come up with as many as possible. Think outside the box.

Step 5: Slide over to Facebook. This is where we will be luring potential customers. Now that you have a good list of people interested in your product it’s time to search for groups THEY would be interested in. 
You need to add yourself to at least 5 groups per type of customer. Each group needs to have at least 5,000 members. So Using our candle example you need to join 5 mom groups, 5 massage groups, 5 interior design groups, etc. you get the point.  If you came up with 5 customer types, you need to join at least 25 groups. Check which ones allow self promotion and which ones don’t. Join all of them, But keep their rules in mind because that will matter for the next day.

Step 6: Come up with some sort of deal or special. It can be a coupon for money off, an extra freebie with purchase, buy one get one…doesn’t matter. Just come up with a deal the only last for 24 hours.
Alright cool! Day 1 prep is over. Now it’s time to move to day 2 for execution 

Step 7: It’s time to post your work in all these groups. How you do this is very important. No one likes a self promoter or a salesman. So don’t be that guy. Your product should speak for itself and the people will be drawn to it will naturally. So post pictures of your product and make sure they each have a small but noticeable watermark of your Instagram page NOT your website or logo.

Your post should engage a conversation based on the type of group you are in. so in a mom group your post should say something like “What do you love your house to smell like? These are few of my favorites” or in a spiritual group you could ask“What candles do you use to manifest money? These are a few I use” or just a simple ”I made these for a family member. I’m so proud them!”

Whatever you do…DO NOT post “Hey, I’m selling these candles” Ironically enough this is like customer repellent because people are never in the mood to be sold to. Just make sure you only make one 1 post in every group you joined. And always keep the group rules in mind.

Step 8: spend the rest of the day engaging with the people on all your post. People will begin asking questions about where to purchase, asking how you make it, posting pictures of their favorite candles etc… be sure to engage with EVERYONE even the people that aren’t asking about purchase. This is your opportunity to make an impact. Be as helpful as possible, make sure you are ALWAYS following group rules. And stay polite even if someone says something rude. Ignore it and Respect the space.

Step 9: Message purchase information to ONLY the people that specifically asked. Be sure to tell them about the special you created that is for TODAY ONLY.

Step 10: Rake in the sales. Peep this math. If you only joined 25 groups and each of those groups had only 5,000 members that’s 125,000 people. If only 30% actually saw your post that is 37,000 people. If only 5% of those people actually engage with your post. That is 1,875 people. If only 2% of those people actually convert to a purchase..that is 37 orders.
And remember the goal was only 10 sales

So does this sound doable? try it as a personal challenge to yourself just to see what happens. You literally have nothing to lose. You are only one shot away from having more sales in your business, shoot your shot!

I hope this helped🥰

Did you find this post valuable? I love hearing what you have to say, so comment below!

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