6 Tips To A Minimalist Business

Society has long encouraged us to have more possessions and take on more responsibilites. But now we we are learning to embrace the peace of simplicity. Confession: I use to love having all the things. When I was growing up, I can remembering amassing all the latest barbies, baby dolls, and playdoh. But as an adult, I could always hear my mother saying when I was a child “Everything should have a home”. Well, when you have the latest of everything, it is often hard to find a home for anything. So over the years, I saw the benefits of having less stuff in my home, it brought me more peace, happiness, and joy. I wondered, if letting go all of the stuff I really didn’t need in my home made me feel this, how can I get this same feeling in my business?

This put me on a quest to focus on the things that really mattered and I want to share with you some tips of what I did to become a minimalist in my business.

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