6 Tips To A Minimalist Business

Pick A Lane. Whether you are a intrapreneur or an entrepreneur, you possess so many gifts and skills. The problem is that you can not be the master of everything. This will burn you out fast! Sometimes you get so lost in the titles that you forget that time is of the essence and you need to get the biggest bang out of. The best thing you can do is find one or two things that you are really passionate about, focus on it until you have mastered it. I’m sure your’re thinking , “But what about the other skills?”. Delegate them or you can implement them slowly as you can gain traction in your career. Trying to be the jack-of-all trades is going to create gaps in your career. So pick a lane, now! Doing this will allow you to be a minimalist entrepreneur.

Go Digital. As much as you keep wanting to provide in person, personal services to your clients, this may cramping your time. If time is money, there is not time to waste. You need to get your products and services online. You can set this up easily through WordPress. Send a text or email to your customers. letting the know that you have a website where they can purchase all of the products they love. You can even set up personal consultations and meetings online and connect via video. Trust me, you will lose some people in the process because people don’t like to change but you have to call the shots on this! Maybe you can offer a freebie, a discount, or a gift. Whatever you do, always have a perk. Streamlining this service, helps you become a minimalist in the digital space.

Go Viral. I am sure you saw the cute baby video on Facebook. Who hasn’t? Don’t be stuck in the Flintstone days of constantly attending networking events in hopes of finding people that will invest in you. Get with the Jetson’s and get online so that your business can soar. Do a live video or podcast, that shows your personality and be genuine. There are so many advantages to live videos and podcasting. The biggest advantage is that you can connect with humans in many states or countries! I am not merely saying that in-person networking is bad because there are live events that I still do attend, but when you want more out of your business in less time, then you have to do something different or you are always going to be stuck!

Get A Team. John Rockefeller said ” I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” Isn’t that that the truth? You can decide to keep burning your heels in your business by doing it alone or recruit and/or hire a team of people who sees your vision to work alongside you. If you plan to hire a team, delegate the things that aren’t your strength. If you own a home-business, such as a direct sales business, you just don’t want your team to lean on you for everything. Help them develop their wings and then let them fly, but assure them they you are close by to help them when needed. Focus on your core competencies!

The biggest thing is deciding who and what you give your energy to. This can be hard when you love what you do. You just want to give your all to all things and people. But you have to really quiet yourself and ask “What do I love? and who is this helping?” Decide this and move towards it. Don’t let undesirable things and people suck your energy. Letting go of the things that no longer serve you, will create the space for the things you love.

Get Organized. There are hundreds of videos on how to organize your home office. I suggest you choose one, do it, and be consistent. You can can not create in clutter. So get it together and organize. I love Marie KonMarie book: The Joy Of Tidying Up. I binged her series on Netflix and a I followed along. I must say this very shift, shifted everything in my life.

In the end, less is more. You will notice a shift in your creativity within your life and business.

What steps are you taking to becoming a minimalist in your business? I would love to hear, please comment below and share if you found value in this blog post. Thank you!

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