4 Forceful Habits For Entrepreneurs

I can recall in the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I tried finding exactly what it was that I loved. It entailed taking courses, praying, searching google, reading books on self-discovery etc. It wasn’t until I divinely tapped into the person  I wanted to become, that I figured that my purpose was there all along. This is one sure thing that you aren’t going to find the answers by taking course after course. What every women entrepreneur needs to know is that you have had the answer all along. It just takes some exploring and adopting these 4 powerful habits. 

  1. You must have clarity. Having clarity can be hard work. You see, you have to get rid of the junk inside of you that has been keeping you in a slump. Sometimes it intails seeing a therapist to be healed of childhood traumas. I was the type of person who didn’t think I needed to see a therapist. I thought that reading a ton of self-help books and listening to motivational youtube videos, would do the job. Boy, was I wrong. Going to see a therapist was one of the best decision that I’ve made, when it comes to mental health and clarity. So, If you are anything like me, get off your high horse and get some help from a counselor/therapist. They will help you heal the crap that you have been carrying around for years.
  2. Discover what you are truly passionate about. Did you know that half (57 percent) of folks ages 40 to 59 said they are not working in their dream job? Oh bummer! What a life to live. You spend 40 hours a week for 30 years working in a place that doesn’t bring you? The only thing that a dead end job is bring you heartache and disappointment. You have to get outside of the box and start thinking about what you love to do that will bring you joy. I currently work, contingent as dental hygienist. I call this my “joy job”. Why? I love what I do, I don’t have to work everyday because I work when I want to. I use the money that I make to invest in my business, while maintaining a steady income. You too can do the same. Here are some quick tips for you:
    1. Becoming more self-aware is going to allow you to know your strengths and abilities. 
    2. Creating a clear vision of the person you are and who you want to become is going to allow you to build strength in your business and working towards this at your maximum capacity. 
    3. It is going to take being completely honest with yourself and exploring what you love and what needs to change. 
    4. The more you give  your best self to other which should come natural, the more you will impact those around you. 
  3. You must have confidence. Believing in yourself is the key to taking actions on what you want. When you develop belief in yourself, you are going to gain all the confidence in the world. This may take time for some. Remember you got to get rid of the inner junk! Forget the bad experiences and embrace the good ones. Experience can really be the default for so many women entrepreneurs. One bad experience can knock you over. Some of these experience may include of failed business or relationship. If you seek to gain from it and count it as a lose, you start to  believe in yourself and your abilities, this will fuel you to move forward.
  4. You must have a compass or blueprint. Because we live in an evolving world, you are going to constantly try to figure things out. If you knew how to go about doing your research in a way that will be easier for you to get the answers you need, how would that make you feel? I am sure you will feel some sense of relief. Chances are, people have given you great tips to achieving your goals but what they haven’t given are the steps by step strategies. Many women entrepreneurs are going to require detailed shortcuts to success in what ever needs to be done to hit their goals. With a growing family, career and other paths that you must maintain, steps are required. As you grow in your vision this will change. You will have new opportunities that you want to explore but you must know how to go about exploring them. 

You can have all of these things, but the two biggest are accountability and motivation. In order for many of us to obtain some of our biggest dreams, we need to leverage the support of others. You have to learn yourself, your habits and strengths. I believe that if every women entrepreneur adopt these habits and work in that medium every day, then she will take charge of her business and her life. 

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What value did you gain from this post? What value can you add? I would love to hear from you, comment below.

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