A Must-Watch: ‘She Did That’ Documentary On Netflix

My inner battle has been my time limitations and inability to strike the proper balance between my God-given job as a wife, mother, an employee and my God-given business. There’s so much I want to do entrepreneurially and professionally. Unfortunately, the business often takes the hit. 

“The more I relax,the bigger the moves”, I hear the rational side of my mind whisper.

Fact: God has me on this unrealistic journey and I’m here for it. That’s not to say it’s always easy but I’m grateful. Life is good, frfr. She Did That just reminded me of how absolutely capable and freaking amazing I am. Immediately, I wanted to get to work! I wanted to push pass exhaustion, shed my blanket (yeah, I was watching from bed during an almost mid-afternoon nap with hubby that never happened, on a Saturday), grab a bottled water, sit at my computer, and push.

Although that did not happen, I jumped up Monday morning to write this blog after my workout.  So, here we are…

The reviews of the documentary, that have surfaced thus far, have been. phenomenal. It was fact-based, honest, and heartfelt. This documentary was the epitomy of black women fully empowered, equipped, embodied, re-calibrated and synchronize. 

The sychronism of black women and entrepreneuership transforms into Black Girl Magic at its best.

If I were an 8 year old, as my daughter is, this documentary would have impacted the tragectory of my self-esteem, and forged within me that “ I can, do, be, and have anything that I want!”. Hell, it impacted my self-esteem as a woman to return back to my child-like boldness and fearlessness in my business.  

To sum it up, I was moved, emotionally. I was energized and charged to continue to be the forerunner in my life and business, so that I can be a trailblazer written in my family history. 

If you have yet to watch the documentary, “She Did That”, I challenge you to take time this week to watch it and let the world know how it has impacted your journey as an entrepreneur or just a woman who is overwhelmed in her profession and ready to take action. This is for you, about you, and who we are as a culture. 

Thank you Renae Bluitt, for this.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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