Today we are going to talk about the fear box. If you have been following my free coaching all month, we’ve had some amazing sessions and I think that tonight was one of the best sessions that we’ve had because this is actually going to help set the standards, you know, for what you do starting today and moving forward in your life and it’s going to help you. As feedback came back from tonight’s call, one of my listeners called me and she said, “Oh my gosh, that was phenomenal!I really enjoyed it.” So if you’ve been missing any of my sessions, I’ve been posting them on my YouTube station, you can catch up, go to Tequila Cousar, nothing fancy.

I want to talk to you about the fear box. What and why? You, whomever is reading, the reason you may not be successful is because you’ve placed yourself in a comfy little coffin. I want you to have a pencil and a paper. So stop reading this and grab a paper and pen. This is going to help you tremendously understand why you can’t move to the next level in what you want to be successful in. I know everybody has their own learning style and I want to show it in a way where pen and paper is showing you exactly where you are. Put a box on your piece of paper. Don’t make it really big, but put the fear box, and write fear box on top of it. Inside of the fear box, I want you to write your limiting beliefs.

These are things that you’ve been told or told yourself that you can and cannot do. You’ve told yourself these things over and over or someone has told you these things and you have believed them. You also have accepted. These are things that you’ve told yourself, based off other people opinions that you’ve accepted. So you have other people’s opinions. Write in the box some of the opinions of others you have accepted. Let me break down my idea of what fear is.

Fear is that you are Focused on Entirely Accepting your Reality .People may say fear is other things, but what I’m saying is that fear is truly how you have accepted your realities. You have accepted what is happening in your life. It is what it is. That’s the mentality that you’re having. And what’s happening is that when you have that mentality you are not able to do or be or think the way that you should be. Why? Because you’re confined in this box, right? But if you look at this whole paper you drew your box on, you got this entire area outside the box! This is the opportunity that you’re missing because you limited your beliefs! You’ve accepted your reality. You have also bought into other people’s opinions, which are all really false when you get outside of the box. When we start literally step outside of the box, what you will find is that there is more opportunity, more money, more happiness. more to life and there is longer life, more of your talents, more of your skills, and more of your gifts.

Does that help? If you were to write in this box, all of the things that have kept you from being who you are to be, you will find that you will have limited space. You can’t possibly write everything in this box. You can’t possibly be everything you need to be in this box. You can’t have everything you want to in this box. The only thing that this box is doing, is keeping you stuck. It really is because what you’re doing is you’re hitting one corner, then you’re hitting the next corner. Then you’re hitting the next corner, the next corner. The only thing you can do is get outside the box to grow. It’s a choice whether you want to stay in the box or outside of the box. All right, and here’s the thing, even with doing this, a lot of people, a lot of people are scared to do live videos. Why? Because they don’t like talking in front of people or maybe you’re an introvert. The thing is, is you’re keeping yourself inside of the box with words when outside of the box, as soon as you step outside the box, there’s more opportunity.

Let me know below if your received value.

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