One Step To Creating A Pink Elephant Brand

Is your brand intoxicating? This Martini-Drinking Pink Elephant in Fortville, Indiana is one-of-a kind! Seeing a pink elephant is commonly associated with being inebriated. But let’s think of how this relates to your business brand.

Your personal brand is basically how other perceive or see you. If you are constantly posting negative, combative post on social media, then your followers will see you as such. This will make it very difficult to make a sell, when you start promoting your product or service. The goal of any brand is to leave your customers feeling intoxicated, not drunk but happy, excited, strategic and fired up!

In order for this to happen you need to do this ONE thing:

Ask people how they feel after working with you. Following up your services with an email asking for feedback or a short “how was your service” survey, will allow you to make necessary adjustments for current and future clients. You will learn more about their wants, needs and desire.

This one action is going to help you become a one-of-a-kind brand. You can constantly use customer feedback/testimonials during promo ads and/or to create more products that will solve their problems. I know from personal experience, that before I purchase a product or service, I Google reviews. This helps me to determine if this will be the right fit for me or not.

This is what I constantly strive for as a brand. I am so passionate about helping you make more money doing what you love! So when you engage in what I offer, you will leave feeling very intoxicated, motivated and monetized. So no matter what product or service I promote, you will definitely leave feeling like you’re #1!!!

How are you creating a Pink Elephant Brand in your business? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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