10 Things To Carry Into 2022

2022 is the year of alignment. You have been working efficiently in 2021 to create flow and serve people in a capacity in which you best can. Why are most people thinking about the things they want to leave in 2021.  Let’s focus on the lessons from 2021 that we should carry into 2022. The year 2022 can be aligned if you carry these things with you. 

1. Supportive people: you have surrounded yourself around some amazing people with big goals and dreams. They amplify who you are, their light shines and yours shine bright light a diamond. Your tribe encourages your ideas and they keep coming to life. 

2. Feelings of worthiness: wake up everyday with gratitude and with the awareness that anything can happen. There is one thing for certain that the chatter in your head will happen, but you have found ways to turn it into healthy internal conversation and you will continue fueling yourself with empowerment and affirmations that will push you into your higher self.

3. Good strategies: you have big dreams and big goals. You are aware that the plan may change but never the goal. Good strategies are continuously embedded in the right connections. Now that you are finally connected with the right people you know that you will get strategies that work for your greatest good. If you recognize that something isn’t working, it will be early in the process and you get to pivot in your planning with ease. 

4. You no longer rely on the expectations of others: you know that the root of your success relies greatly on believing in yourself. The only reason you will rely on others is if it is guidance by a coach or mentor that edifies who you already are. Expecting others to be your cheerleader is no longer an expectation. You want what you want. Focus on your faith!!! 

5. Your truth: you know who you are and you know what you desire, being a carbon copy of someone is played out and you start living in your truth and it has gotten you this far. You know what sparks your joy, and you know how to manifest the things you desire and the power that it brings. You know who to connect with and how to get help mapping out your big goals, just keep doing it!!! 

6. Your discipline: You have had so many wins this year, and you know how you got there???  Through discipline. You doubled down on your schedule and took action. You know what inspires you and  what needs to be done. This was one of your biggest blessings and lessons this year and you know that if you 10x your discipline in 2022, then you know that you have the potential to be so successful!! 

7. What lights you up: your gifts have started making room for you, How can you tell? You have been making more money in your business, you are attracting with ease, you are finding more time to do the things you love and people around you can not get enough of who you are. Investing in your personal development and self-care is going to add more flame to your fire. Do more of what lights you up and this will bring so much more ease into your life and business.

8. Your intuitions: that feeling in your gut was always right. The more you leaned into this, the more you started to see things in your world respond to your inclinations. You’ve been able to save yourself time, money and energy by leaning into your intuitions. You have learned how to sit quietly each day to feel what is driving your thoughts before taking action. 

9. Your peace: people know how to treat you because you have set boundaries not only in your personal life but in your business or profession. When conflict arises, you know how to respond to it without losing yourself in the process. 

10. Your ability to thrive: no longer do you need to wait for permission to live and do the things you desire in life. You just keep living out your dream board! Of course, you have to sit and let your spouse or loved one know your plans but you don’t need permission to live. Life is much shorter and living for the present trumps living for the latter. Keep pressing towards those things that you desire. 

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