4 Week Viva La Voxer Coaching

AKA “On-The-Go Coaching”

VIva La Voxer Coaching

Do you find it difficult to find time for coaching???

Well, Viva La Voxer Coaching is the ANSWER!!

Viva La Voxer or On-The -Go Coaching was created for women like you, who want to get motivation, strategy and clarity for their business but do not have time for phone calls or video meet ups!

During this four week intensive coaching, we will focus:

  • Getting crystal clear about one idea, product/ service, and niche. 
  • Goal-setting for your success – we will determine 1 goal ( I.S.M.A.R.T.E. method) you’d like to work on so that you’re working a goal that is aligned with your current season. 
  • Content Creation – we will determine types of content you can create now and how to create it.
  • Create the intentional strategy and tactics needed to obtain your goal
  • 101 on the go coaching. You can voice memo me 24/7 via an app
  • You will also have access to email Tequila
  • Bonus: The CEO Master Plan

Who this is not for:

If you are not an action taker, please do not sign up. The business success depends on action and consistency.

If you are not coachable, do not apply. You have to be open minded to corrective criticism and tough love. And not have the ” I already know this” mentality.

How long is the coaching?

Viva la Voxer coaching is for 4 weeks and there is a 1- hour clarity call in the beginning so that we are clear on your goals and what we are going to focus on for the 4 weeks.

Will I get any additional resources?

Yes. You will receive the CEO Master Plan E-Book. This tool is going to be helpful when it comes to coaching for the four weeks.

WOW! When I say Tequila got my whole life and business together in June, she DID! I was lost on how to launch my event. After working with Tequila, I have the entire event planned and I checked off a lot of things on my list. I am so happy that I decided to do Viva La Voxer Coaching.

Danielle D Smith

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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