8 Week Stuck To Streamlined Group Coaching Program

8 Week Stuck To Streamlined Group Coaching

This is not a course but 8 weeks of step by step of directions, coaching, honest conversation and guidance.

Who is this for??

The early stage entrepreneur who’s seeking STRUCTURE, SUPPORT, AND GUIDANCE. Because you are done living in the daily emotion struggle of uncertainty and overwhelmness, and trying to do it all alone. Sounds familiar?

  • Maybe you’re in a Corporate 9 to 5 role that you’re desperate to leave behind, and seek
    real world guidance and strategic planning on where to start;
  • Maybe you’re an early stage entrepreneur who’s done WINGING IT every single day, and deeply wants to feel empowered, confident and ‘in the know’ of where to focus for growth;
  • Maybe you’re still in the IDEA stage, and want to learn more about yourself, your innate abilities and skills, and how they can translate into an business full of impact & income.

My mission is to help you gain clarity, direction, and decisive plan for your next steps…

Tequila is a well respected Serial Entrepreneur, Certified Life Coach, and Business Strategist in Columbus, Ohio. She started her entrepreneurship journey during college to pay for books and living expenses. Shortly after becoming Registered Dental Hygienist, Tequila realized that she was overwhelmed and burned out due to repetition. So after 9 years as a Registered Dental Hygienist, she quit her full-time job and become a full-time entrepreneur and mom to a new born. Her superpowers of mindset and strategy, birthed her 1-on-1 sessions and the rest is history. In her 10 years as a full-time entrepreneur, She has helped over 200 entrepreneurs find clarity and success in their business journey by using a “One Shot Model.

Program Format:

  • (8) Weekly Core Topic Videos (~60 mins each) – delivered each Monday ($1597 value)
  • (8) Self-Study Action Assignments (PDF Format) (~3 hrs/week to complete) ($597 value)
    Including: The Emotional Avatar | The Storyteller | The Offer Framework
                     Personal S.W.O.T. (self analysis of skills) | The CEO Master Plan Workbook
  • (8) Live Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls via Zoom (every Thursday – time tbd) ($2400 value)
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for Community, Connection & Support (priceless)
  • A 1- hour 1:1 coaching session with me whenever you choose to schedule during the 8- weeks.
  • 2 Expert speakers
  • FREE copy of my upcoming book set to release in October
  • Real Talk


The first 3 people to sign up and pay in full will receive an On-The-Go Voxer Coaching with me for the entire 8-week program.

The first 3 people to sign up on a payment plan will receive a special gift from me!


  • Embracing Your Story
  • Identifying Your Strengths/Weaknesses
  • Uncovering Your Mindset Blocks
  • Creating Structure for Productivity
  • Pinpointing Your Ideal Client
  • Clarifying Your Offer
  • Setting Up Systems for Efficiency
  • Strategic Planning for Your Business

You’re going to get all your foundational strategy questions and ‘what ifs’ answered, so you can move forward feeling empowered, confident and understood.


1) What’s the weekly time commitment I need for Stuck to Streamlined?
Great question! Approx. 6-7 hrs per week, including watching the Video Content, completing the Action Assignments and attending the LIVE Q&A group calls that’ll keep you integrated and engaged.

2) What’s the transformation I can anticipate from this program?
Simply put? You’ll go from Struggling to Streamlined.
Through weekly focus on one foundational piece at a time, you’ll build a solid business base from which to grow & launch. By showing up each week, and doing the work – you’ll not only create that solid platform, but will also catapult your confidence, create some momentum, and start to plan with confidence. When you know you’ve got that strong organizational layer at your back, you become unstoppable. There’s a trickle down effect that’s empowering + enlightening.
I’m here to provide strategic support, push you outside your comfort zone, and keep you accountable.

3) What makes Stuck To Streamlined different than other programs?
– that would be me. The facilitator, teacher, cheerleader, coach.
My approach is straight-forward and strong – and I’m a life long learner and an innate problem solver.
I have over 20 years of insight and expertise in business. So yeah – I can spot an issue, and provide multiple solutions, before most.
And I thrive on that – helping you get out of your own way.

Second – the content, topics & delivery are ideal for the early stage entrepreneur who’s in a cycle of overwhelm, and wants to build a plan from aligned strategy. I’ve developed this from my own entrepreneurial journey. So it’s straight up legit.

“My beautiful sister, you are the GOAT when it comes to entrepreneurship and coaching others along the way”

Brandy F.

My mission is to help you make the impact you crave.

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