It is super awesome that you have visited my website to learn more about a Registered Dental Hygienist who traded her scrubs in for PJ’s, a toddler, and laptop! I am an Entrepreneur, Personal & Business Development Coach, and Motivational Speaker ( I have the gift of mojo gab).  I freaking love what I do.

I grew up in a small town called Dayton, Ohio. After graduating from high school I attended The Ohio State University where I received a Bachelors In Dental Hygiene and Masters In Health Services from Central Michigan University. I practiced for 10 years and through the years, my husband and I struggled with infertility. After taking medications after medications to get pregnant we stopped and after two years of stop trying and living a clean eating lifestyle, we became pregnant and during maternity leave, we decided I would quit my job and become a full-time mom.

My over 13 years of experience in network marketing, paid off when I joined a company just 3 months after her birth and quickly hit Top Seller, Received 2 Excellence In Leadership Award, and Tons of Cash Bonuses. But 2 years down the road, I became frustrated. I could no longer chase customers or family members and friends to do business with me because it was taking away time that could be spending with my daughter. So I quickly hired a coach, joined an online marketing leadership group and took my new skills online. I must say the rest is history, as I now make a solid income on the side while I home-school my daughter full-time.

The part I love best is serving my clients as a Personal & Business Development Coach. They key is finding what you do best and focus on it! So if you are struggling to build yourself or a business. I would love to help you have more success in your life and business.

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