3 Winning Tactics To Creating Clarity

Leaving the old mindset of “I need evidence in order to know things are working for me”, will open your world up to so much good….

So often we see social media posts that say,“Are you on track with your goals for the week?” If you know that you are not hitting your goals, you may feel intimidated because you may not have hit it yet, so this question may pose some resistance in your life. 

I want you to leave this old mindset that physical evidence is always needed in order to prove to 

Others that things are really cooking up in your life. Instead, I want you to look at clarity in a new way. Here are 3 winning tactics to creating clarity. 

  1. Know that you are much healthier in your imagination than your observation

When you imagine, you can make it just the way you want it to be. This makes you a dreamer and small minded people won’t get this because they look at the conditions in which they are. But as a dreamer, you can make it the way you want it to be. You create your reality. I was once told that “your reality trumps mindset”. WRONG! You do not have to face reality, but you do create your reality. Don’t look at what is because you will only regurgitate it, but look at what is and become a better version of it! 

But what about setting goals? You automatically set goals when you start to decipher more of what you do and do not want in your life. You will start to align with your goals when this happens. You have to think of your goals and focus on the glory.

  1. Become aware of the energy you put out there.

The secret to feeling worthy and getting more clarity in your life is focusing on how you feel. When was the last time something happened to you and you had a knee-jerk reaction to it? When we react to things that happen to us in a way that doesn’t align with good, we are susceptible to more bad things happening. You have to care more about how you feel and work your thoughts around finding relief around these thoughts that don’t feel good. This will allow you to systematically replace those thoughts with ones that feel better. This was hard for me at first because I was so accustomed to responding to whatever. I would have a knee-jerk response to it, but later on I figured that the knee-jerk response was just my initial response to what the other person was offering. When I recognized that this didn’t match who I was, I felt discord. But then I became aware that I didn’t need them to understand me or my needs or wants or agree with them, in order for me to feel better. That acknowledgement became my first and true recognition of my power and my freedom. When I discovered that I no longer needed one other person on the planet to be different in order for me to feel better, I found instant freedom and the ability to love them anyway. This helps you to close the gap between who you are internally and externally. 

  1. Look for things that feel good

When you look out into this world there are so many things going good than wrong. So often we tune ourselves to the things that are going wrong in our life than the things that are going good. I am aware that there is the media that portrays the bad things that are happening and we can choose to tune into it. I discovered that through caring about how I feel and becoming congruent to good, that I started to attract people who believed the same. This very article is attracting you to me. No I do not have the RIGHT answers nor do I want you to copy me. I just want to teach through the clarity of my experience that we are all creators of our experiences. You get to choose everything that comes to you. I will never assume that I am better than you because I have not lived through your journey. I just come forth to express the example that we all can conform to the well being of our choice. 

I hope that this conversation will change your perspective on clarity. When you choose something that feels awful to you, you will continue to stay in confusion. Staying in this state of mind will only shorten your lifespan. The more you focus on those things that feel good to you, the more years you can add to your life. Say it with me “ I am on track with my goals, because I care about and focus on how I feel!” 

Tequila is a Certified Life Coach and strategic business planner based in Columbus, Ohio. A former registered dental hygienist, she teaches early stage, female entrepreneurs foundational strategies to help them build their business and she also understands internal motivators and taking aligned actions. .You can sign up for Tequila’s weekly inspirational newsletters at her website www.tequilacousar.com 

One Step To Creating A Pink Elephant Brand

Is your brand intoxicating? This Martini-Drinking Pink Elephant in Fortville, Indiana is one-of-a kind! Seeing a pink elephant is commonly associated with being inebriated. But let’s think of how this relates to your business brand.

Your personal brand is basically how other perceive or see you. If you are constantly posting negative, combative post on social media, then your followers will see you as such. This will make it very difficult to make a sell, when you start promoting your product or service. The goal of any brand is to leave your customers feeling intoxicated, not drunk but happy, excited, strategic and fired up!

In order for this to happen you need to do this ONE thing:

Ask people how they feel after working with you. Following up your services with an email asking for feedback or a short “how was your service” survey, will allow you to make necessary adjustments for current and future clients. You will learn more about their wants, needs and desire.

This one action is going to help you become a one-of-a-kind brand. You can constantly use customer feedback/testimonials during promo ads and/or to create more products that will solve their problems. I know from personal experience, that before I purchase a product or service, I Google reviews. This helps me to determine if this will be the right fit for me or not.

This is what I constantly strive for as a brand. I am so passionate about helping you make more money doing what you love! So when you engage in what I offer, you will leave feeling very intoxicated, motivated and monetized. So no matter what product or service I promote, you will definitely leave feeling like you’re #1!!!

How are you creating a Pink Elephant Brand in your business? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.


Today we are going to talk about the fear box. If you have been following my free coaching all month, we’ve had some amazing sessions and I think that tonight was one of the best sessions that we’ve had because this is actually going to help set the standards, you know, for what you do starting today and moving forward in your life and it’s going to help you. As feedback came back from tonight’s call, one of my listeners called me and she said, “Oh my gosh, that was phenomenal!I really enjoyed it.” So if you’ve been missing any of my sessions, I’ve been posting them on my YouTube station, you can catch up, go to Tequila Cousar, nothing fancy.

I want to talk to you about the fear box. What and why? You, whomever is reading, the reason you may not be successful is because you’ve placed yourself in a comfy little coffin. I want you to have a pencil and a paper. So stop reading this and grab a paper and pen. This is going to help you tremendously understand why you can’t move to the next level in what you want to be successful in. I know everybody has their own learning style and I want to show it in a way where pen and paper is showing you exactly where you are. Put a box on your piece of paper. Don’t make it really big, but put the fear box, and write fear box on top of it. Inside of the fear box, I want you to write your limiting beliefs.

These are things that you’ve been told or told yourself that you can and cannot do. You’ve told yourself these things over and over or someone has told you these things and you have believed them. You also have accepted. These are things that you’ve told yourself, based off other people opinions that you’ve accepted. So you have other people’s opinions. Write in the box some of the opinions of others you have accepted. Let me break down my idea of what fear is.

Fear is that you are Focused on Entirely Accepting your Reality .People may say fear is other things, but what I’m saying is that fear is truly how you have accepted your realities. You have accepted what is happening in your life. It is what it is. That’s the mentality that you’re having. And what’s happening is that when you have that mentality you are not able to do or be or think the way that you should be. Why? Because you’re confined in this box, right? But if you look at this whole paper you drew your box on, you got this entire area outside the box! This is the opportunity that you’re missing because you limited your beliefs! You’ve accepted your reality. You have also bought into other people’s opinions, which are all really false when you get outside of the box. When we start literally step outside of the box, what you will find is that there is more opportunity, more money, more happiness. more to life and there is longer life, more of your talents, more of your skills, and more of your gifts.

Does that help? If you were to write in this box, all of the things that have kept you from being who you are to be, you will find that you will have limited space. You can’t possibly write everything in this box. You can’t possibly be everything you need to be in this box. You can’t have everything you want to in this box. The only thing that this box is doing, is keeping you stuck. It really is because what you’re doing is you’re hitting one corner, then you’re hitting the next corner. Then you’re hitting the next corner, the next corner. The only thing you can do is get outside the box to grow. It’s a choice whether you want to stay in the box or outside of the box. All right, and here’s the thing, even with doing this, a lot of people, a lot of people are scared to do live videos. Why? Because they don’t like talking in front of people or maybe you’re an introvert. The thing is, is you’re keeping yourself inside of the box with words when outside of the box, as soon as you step outside the box, there’s more opportunity.

Let me know below if your received value.

A Must-Watch: ‘She Did That’ Documentary On Netflix

A mixture of emotions right now, the feeling that reigns supreme within me is one of edification after watching, “She Did That” On Netflix. I learned of it a few days ago but couldn’t bear watching during my work week. My reasons for this were unclear at the time but it was a gut feeling. I guess I figured I would be motivated and ashamed. Motivated by the message and knowing my purpose on this earth,  yet ashamed I hadn’t struck the ideal balance between work and entrepreneurship. I’m thankful, even the fact many Black women start their businesses while still working a 9-to-5 was addressed.

Super Bowl & Soul Sunday

So Sunday I held the “Seize Your Decade” Masterclass and can I say “THANK YOU!” to those who showed up! This class was an investment in your personal development and how you plan to live your life for the next 10 years. Unfortunately, it did not record. I pushed it but the file never downloaded. So, if you did not make it,  I am sorry that you missed out on some valuable information. Also, Sunday was the 54th Superbowl and truthfully, I couldn’t have cared less – until I woke up yesterday morning!

Yesterday, of course, there were a lot of opinions about Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s performance going around on social media and it reminded me – not everyone is going to like what you do….and that’s okay.

I’m sure they both knew going in that people would have opinions – negative, positive, and everything in between. Did that stop them? No! 

I’d bet that made them work even harder to make sure they brought their absolute A-game to that halftime show. Doesn’t matter what I thought of it or what you thought – 

It didn’t matter that their performance was historic – being the first Latinas to lead a Superbowl halftime. It doesn’t matter that they brought a ton of their culture into it. People will feel how they feel about it. 

The thing is, the bigger stage you get on, the more you open yourself up for criticism, negativity and the like, but you have to remember who you ARE doing it for and make your why louder than any negative noise.

That goes for you too!

I challenge you to be okay with those who don’t like it. Focus on those who need it! I’m sure there were little Latin girls who needed to see J-Lo and Shakira on that stage to know they could do it too! And someone out there is waiting to see you do it, whatever your IT is, so they can know it’s possible.

Don’t make them wait any longer. Boss up!

And if you’re ready to learn tips to help you get to your bigger stage, more clients, more self-love, more business and work peace of mind,I invite you to join my private Facebook Group:

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4 Forceful Habits For Entrepreneurs

With over 80% of the women entrepreneurs being the largest consumers of info-products on the market, more and more women entrepreneurs will continue looking for the right answers to help them in their entrepreneurial career. The reason being is that you are looking for the magic wand or perfect answer to solve your problems. We have become a society that loves to consume information yet, so many you lack the confidence to go out there and set the world on fire with your gifts. Maybe it’s because you lack purpose?

6 Tips To A Minimalist Business

Society has long encouraged us to have more possessions and take on more responsibilites. But now we we are learning to embrace the peace of simplicity. Confession: I use to love having all the things. When I was growing up, I can remembering amassing all the latest barbies, baby dolls, and playdoh. But as an adult, I could always hear my mother saying when I was a child “Everything should have a home”. Well, when you have the latest of everything, it is often hard to find a home for anything. So over the years, I saw the benefits of having less stuff in my home, it brought me more peace, happiness, and joy. I wondered, if letting go all of the stuff I really didn’t need in my home made me feel this, how can I get this same feeling in my business?

This put me on a quest to focus on the things that really mattered and I want to share with you some tips of what I did to become a minimalist in my business.

Frugal Moves To Help You Right Now!

Have you heard? The world is chirping and rumor has it that we are suppose to have another recession. I know that we cannot believe everything we hear but why not prepare for it? This reminds me of the over 800,000 families who were affected in the government shutdown that occurred earlier this year, and a lot of them were not ready . If there was two things that we all should have learned from this is, it’s never a great idea to put all your eggs in one basket and have a plan of action for uncontrolled, catastrophic events.

How To Make Black Friday A Green Friday For Your Business

I want to tell you how to make 10 sales, in 48 hours, with ZERO followers ,in 10 steps , without spending a dime. Is this possible? Heck YEA! This strategy is tried and true. I noticed that business owners are raving about their Black Friday deals but no one is raving about their strategy. Well, I want to be different, I am about to tell you my yearly strategy to getting more sales on Black Friday and it isn’t all about discounting your services or products, it’s all about execution!

I created this list to help new and seasoned entrepreneurs get out of their own head when it comes to marketing online. It’s not as hard as we make it out to be. And you don’t need to spend money to make sales.
Lets get started.

10 Unconventional Ways To Live Your Life As A Purposeful Mom In 2019

Would you say that you are living a meaningful life as a Mom? While it was brought to my attention by my dear daughter that I am the best Mom in the world. There were days when I felt as I was the worst mom because I allowed other things to control my time. I don’t live like the typical American Mothers. Most moms work full-time, send their children to school, and only spend 2 hours a night with their children. I do the opposite, I am a homeschool educator, work part-time, spend lots of time with my daughter and run multiple business from home. No this doesn’t make me better than the next mom, however I am positioned to teach other mothers how to become more intentional as a mother.

In this season you want to become more intentional about how this life at this moment will works for you, your family, and those who are dear to you. In realizing this, you have to understand that things aren’t going to be straight and narrow or go the way you want to go but in order to be more purposeful as a mom, we have to be unconventional. Let’s talk about 10 ways you can start to live more intentional in 2019.