3 Tips For Introvert Marketers

If you’re an introvert entrepreneur, chances are, you’re finding a hard time marketing yourself online? Video marketing isn’t for everyone but marketing your business online is crucial if you want more leads, sales and sign-ups for your home-business.   Being an introvert is not a disadvantage, it means we need to do things differently toContinue reading “3 Tips For Introvert Marketers”

How To Thrive In The Social Media Chaos

Are you lost in all the social media commotion? Social Media is the noisiest place on earth, besides the busy streets of NY. You absorb hundreds of lives in a matter of minutes! It can be very confusing, especially when you’re trying to grow your professional brand online. I  pondered on this question, “How doContinue reading “How To Thrive In The Social Media Chaos”