10 Things To Carry Into 2022

2022 is the year of alignment. You have been working efficiently in 2021 to create flow and serve people in a capacity in which you best can. Why are most people thinking about the things they want to leave in 2021.  Let’s focus on the lessons from 2021 that we should carry into 2022. TheContinue reading “10 Things To Carry Into 2022”

3 Signs You Need A Personal Branding Coach

Being a part of the entrepreneur’s life can be hard! Some say it’s lonely at the top, but truthfully, it’s just busy at the top! Often business owners just wish they had someone- who isn’t a friend or spouse- to just give open, honest and objective advice on what they should do and not doContinue reading “3 Signs You Need A Personal Branding Coach”

The Ultimate Guide To Setting Business Goals

Do you set really big goals monthly, quarterly, or annually? Maybe you start to think about your plans for your business around November, by a planner in December and start mapping out your goals in January. You can envision big things for your business. It feels big, but feels within reach due to the promiseContinue reading “The Ultimate Guide To Setting Business Goals”

3 Winning Tactics To Creating Clarity

Leaving the old mindset of “I need evidence in order to know things are working for me”, will open your world up to so much good…. So often we see social media posts that say,“Are you on track with your goals for the week?” If you know that you are not hitting your goals, youContinue reading “3 Winning Tactics To Creating Clarity”

One Step To Creating A Pink Elephant Brand

Is your brand intoxicating? This Martini-Drinking Pink Elephant in Fortville, Indiana is one-of-a kind! Seeing a pink elephant is commonly associated with being inebriated. But let’s think of how this relates to your business brand. Your personal brand is basically how other perceive or see you. If you are constantly posting negative, combative post onContinue reading “One Step To Creating A Pink Elephant Brand”

Frugal Moves To Help You Right Now!

Have you heard? The world is chirping and rumor has it that we are suppose to have another recession. I know that we cannot believe everything we hear but why not prepare for it? This reminds me of the over 800,000 families who were affected in the government shutdown that occurred earlier this year, andContinue reading “Frugal Moves To Help You Right Now!”

How To Make Black Friday A Green Friday For Your Business

I want to tell you how to make 10 sales, in 48 hours, with ZERO followers ,in 10 steps , without spending a dime. Is this possible? Heck YEA! This strategy is tried and true. I noticed that business owners are raving about their Black Friday deals but no one is raving about their strategy.Continue reading “How To Make Black Friday A Green Friday For Your Business”

Are You Blending Or Branding in Your Business?

Everyone is not your client! When you attempt to serve everyone- you start to struggle in building your business. It is very difficult to brand you and create effective marketing. In today’s, article I am providing 3 key questions to help influence why the right clients will pay you. In this competitive world of business,Continue reading “Are You Blending Or Branding in Your Business?”