Hello Dental Hygiene Boss!

My mission is to get you out of the maze. There are so many dental hygienist who are overworked, overbooked, and burnout.  Maybe this is you, and you know that something needs to change. You have a burning desire to be more than what your job title is. You may be afraid to make a career move because you feel that now isn’t the right time, you don’t have the resources, or simply, you don’t know what’s next for you. Or maybe you have started something on the side but you need strategies to help you business thrive?   The problem is, where to start.

I believe that everyone has more than one calling for their life. We all go through life experiences that push us to becoming. You have overcome so much and someone needs that special gift, talent, or skill you have to offer. My mission is to help you kick fear in the pants and start dipping your feet in new spaces.


Welcome to Dental Hygiene Boss! My name is Tequila Cousar, RDH, BS. MHA and I help people just like you to go from excuses to execution, so that you can shoot your shot! I was just like you and I knew I had to do something different. After leaving the career of dentistry for 7 years to be a full-time mom, I started to fuel my love for entrepreneurship by starting a home-business. I currently am an entrepreneur, certified life and business coach, and speaker. I recently returned back into dental hygiene because my work was unfinished and I knew there were people who needed what I offer.

I want to teach you everything I know about business and how you can start building a profitable brand while still working part-time. So grab the ebook ” Dental Hygiene Boss.” So that you can start now! If you have a business but would love strategies to grow your business, let’s get together and do this!

Are you ready to create a profitable personal brand that people will love and gladly pay for? In this 23-page ebook, there are practical, proven ways to turn your skills and passions into a side business. Purchase your copy and instantly download “Dental Hygiene Boss” NOW!
Do you already have a business but need more direction on building it? Book your FREE 30- minute consultation. I will assess your business and tell you what you need and how you need it.