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I offer several one-on-one coaching to group experiences targeted to meet you where you are.

My goal is to help you become the Go-To Authority in your industry and build your confidence, credibility and continuity, through messaging, marketing and monetization via personal branding.

30- Minute FREE Clarity Call

Discover the key to getting unstuck and transforming your life! During this powerful 30-minute phone call you’ll tell me all about yourself, your goals, and your current ideas. Then I’ll walk you through selecting the best plan of action to meet your needs. This is the perfect opportunity for you to experience my intoxicating, solutions-based style before you invest in full-service coaching.

Personal Brand Strategy Session $997

When you don’t make progress towards the things you feel called to do, it can start to chip away at your confidence. Even worse, it can make you feel like you’re pretending to be someone you’re not. As an experienced life coach and personal brand coach, I’m here to show you that you are more than capable of becoming the best version of yourself. You have what it takes to build a powerful online presence and make money. But first, you need a plan. The Personal Brand Strategy Session is designed to take your online presence from unseen to intoxicating. It’s a one-on-one call where I’ll guide you through creating a customized process that will lead you to building your online presence. You’ll walk away from your session with confidence and direction.

(1) 90-minute coaching session with me, Coach Tequila.

(1) You will receive a copy of our recorded session

(1) 30-minute follow-up session to talk through your progress and any challenges you faced.

Bold goals require bold plans. Get one step closer to the life you deserve by booking today.

*****Payment Plan Available Upon Request
$498.50 down remaining balance due 2-days before scheduled session

 PURPOSE ON FIRE PROGRAM (Current Clients Only)$599

More access, more accountability, more goal crushing. By now you know that accountability is critical to your success. And that’s what you’ll get during this 7-week program. As a current client who has already set your goals in motion, you can’t afford to lose focus now. The Purpose On Fire Program offers you a safety net of protection against overwhelm, procrastination, and inaction.

The program includes:

Up to 4-5 additional accountability sessions (done biweekly)

Weekly check-ins from me, Coach Tequila

Additional support with your plan of action (if necessary)

Unlimited text correspondence

Don’t let your progress stall. I’m here, and I’m ready to work with you until those goals are checked off of your list

*****Payment Plan Available Upon Request
$299.50 down remaining balance due 2-weeks from initial payment

Personal Branding VIP Day

Get unstuck and on track with a day focused solely on you and your business. The VIP Strategy & Coaching Day is an exclusive event where we work together 1:1 on your online persona for your business or career right now.

You get 6 hours of intensive, focused and conscious coaching, visioning, and planning – and one-one-one private access to all I have to offer as a coach, strategist and consultant. The VIP Day is personalized to you and your work.

For more information regarding Private VIP Day Session, click below.

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, sessions are currently offered virtually only.

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