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Are you ready to feel the B.U.Z.Z. in your business? As a Speaker, Personal Branding Coach and #1 International Bestselling Author, Tequila is the CEO of Intoxicating Hearts. LLC and has over 15 years in the entrepreneur sector, and 9 years full-time, which has allowed her to work with some amazing clients and be featured in Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Shout Out Texas, Nia Magazine and other digital publications.  As a Mom, doing entrepreneurship on the side, she have been in the trenches. She knows the anxiety you feel before deciding to take the big leap. Her intuitive approach to building a business will internally influence you to build for longevity vs. short-term. 

My vision is to inspire 500 high-level women to feel seen, aligned and valued in their calling within the next 5 years..

I love helping female entrepreneurs because everyone deserves a shot at living a better life and building a business that’s aligned with who they are! 

After working working with Tequila, You will feel the B.U.Z.Z.

  1. Bliss: You will feel incredible happiness and joy in your business.
  2. Unique: She will give you unique strategies that are catered to you specifically based on your niche.
  3. Zeal: You will be eager to focus on your specific cause and mission without external influence.
  4. Zen: With her guidance and intuitive knowledge, it will help give you a peace of mind, helping you to meet your goals in a peacefully, effective, and efficient way.

You’re only one shot away from a completely different life!

See Who’s Feeling The B.UZ.Z. In Their Life And Business!!

Immeasurable Support

I have known Tequila for over a decade, with our relationship beginning in dentistry. She was always a positive force at work and I was disappointed when she decided to move on. We recently reconnected and am truly glad we did. As I am developing my own company, I found the support from Tequila to be immeasurable. She provided me with the encouragement, motivation, and resources I needed to upscale in my own career. Her conversation was purposeful and I could immediately put the tasks into effect and lead with purpose. She provided me with a written recap of our conversations and did not leave out any detail. She listened and assisted me with putting my mission on paper. I highly recommend coaching with Tequila as I find her truly competent to lead your total quality effort, she has for me.

Lynda Sherman Cain, Dental Professional

“Stellar & Professional Service”

From day one working with Tequila was great because she was prompt , informative and most importantly she wanted my business to be a success. She also is very professional. She asked me my goals and outlined a process on how to get there. Since then, my business has nearly TRIPLED!!  I am  so happy I decided to work with her,  she has changed our families life. Today, our company is the ‘GO-TO” for TOP dealerships locally. 

-B & S Starks, CEO of Platinum Auto Detailing

“4 thumbs way up from my 2 children.”

Working with Tequila was incredible. After taking a look at my social media profiles, she helped me to dump my old way of thinking. which in turn, has increased my confidence and my children can definitely see how this has impacted my leadership and business skills.”

— M. Puentes, Entreprenuer and Single Mom.

“She gave me wings!”

Tequila is amazing. She inspired me so much I started doing videos to promote myself and my business. I am evolving more into the person I want to become everyday. Because of Tequila, I believe in myself more and my dreams are becoming a reality. I am so blessed that I have her in my life to help me be a better person for myself, family and business. Thanks Tequila for being the light in my cloudy sky. It is FLY TIME!

-M. Smith, Entrepreneur

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