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As a Motivational Speaker & Personal/Business Strategist, being in the entrepreneur sector for over 13 years has allowed me to work with some amazing clients and be featured in Huffington Post & Nia Magazine.  Many young professionals and entrepreneurs come to me during a time in their life when they are at a crossroad. They are either struggling to personally transition or need guidance in their career/business.  As a full-time mom doing entrepreneurship on the side, I have been in the trenches. I know the anxiety you feel before deciding to take the big leap. I know what it feels like when you need to find time to nurture your family, while trying to grow a business from home. After so many trials and errors, I figured out a better way.  I will love to help you shorten your learning curve on the how-to’s, cut out the noise and focus on intentionally nurturing yourself, your career, and your family. You’re only one shot away from a completely different life!

I teach professionals and entrepreneurs, just like you, how to take calculated shots in your life and/or career . If you are struggling with personal growth, I help you go from mediocre to having a millionaire millennial mindset. As a Business Consultant, I work with entrepreneurs – providing professional insight, strategy, and services, enabling founders across the globe to scale their respective businesses.
Either way, I am here to help you become a baller and shot caller!


“Stellar & Professional Service”

March 2016 I reached out to Tequila  for her help with building my online presence. From day one working with Tequila was great because she was prompt , informative and most importantly she wanted my business to be a success. She also is very professional. She asked me my goals and outlined a process on how to get there….Social media. Since then my business has nearly TRIPLED!! I immediately started to see an increase in my Online appointments as well gaining 3 new dealers contracts.  I am  so happy I decided to work with her,  she has changed our families life. Today, our company is the ‘GO-TO” for TOP dealerships locally. 

-B & S Starks, CEO of Platinum Auto Detailing


“4 thumbs way up from my 2 children.”

Working with Tequila was incredible. After taking a look at my social media profiles, she helped me make a few tweaks to them and I INSTANTLY gained more followers. This has increased my confidence and my children can definitely see how this has impacted my leadership and business skills.”

— M. Puentes, Entreprenuer and Single Mom.


“She gave me wings!”

Tequila is amazing. She inspired me so much I started doing videos to promote myself and my business. I am evolving more into the person I want to become everyday. Because of Tequila, I believe in myself more and my dreams are becoming a reality. I am so blessed that I have her in my life to help me be a better person for myself, family and business. Thanks Tequila for being the light in my cloudy sky. It is FLY TIME!

-M. Smith, Entrepreneur