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As a Personal & Business Development Coach, being in the entrepreneur sector for over 13 years has allowed me to work with some amazing clients and be featured in Huffington Post & Nia Magazine.  Many women come to me during a time in their life when they have experienced a crossroad to decide how to grow in a particular area of their life, exhausted all of their resources to grow their business or even when they are at a stand still on how to start or grow a new or existing business online. I must say as a full-time mom and part-time entrepreneur, I have experienced all of the above, while trying to grow a business from home. After so many trials and errors, I help you shorten your learning curve on the how-to’s, cut out the noise and focus on intentionally growing a successful business while creating a life you love with baby in hand!


“An amazing experience!”
Prior to receiving coaching with Tequila, I knew what audience I served I just needed help monetizing them. After coaching with Tequila, I scheduled 4 clarity calls  and I got 3 PAID clients!
Oh and she helped create the perfect pitch that scored me an interview with an ex-executive with BBC!”
~ K. Howard, Leadership and Empowerment Consultant, Loving Me Empowerment, LLC


“Best Decision I Made!”
Considering I had never owned a business but have been dreaming of it for over 10 years,working with Tequila was the BEST chose I had made. She gave me strategies to transition my brick and mortar business to an online business and quickly gained more customers. I was able to buy that new Lexus that I had always wanted! Thank you Tequila!”
~ Y. Adams, CEO, Best Days Senior Living


After consistently seeing Tequila show up on social media, I decided to work with her to help grow my online presence. Can I say that I overlooked MAJOR coin in my business for years but it took working with Tequila for me to identify those areas that I was leaving money on the table. She is definitely unforgettable!”
— D. Clark, CEO of Live Out Loud Enterprise